Every Hero Has a Story Felt Table

Superhero Felt Table (4)
I made red, yellow and blue “backgrounds” on polka dotted felt so it looks like a comic book.

To kickoff the summer reading theme this year, I made a felt table for children to play with during the busy months. I used Storytime Katie’s post a while back as inspiration and then went to the craft store. I haven’t stopped hearing squeals since I put it out!

Superhero Felt Table (6)
5 superhero gals
Superhero Felt Table (7)
5 superhero lads
Superhero Felt Table (3)
Complete with speech bubbles and signals.

Happy summer!

8 thoughts on “Every Hero Has a Story Felt Table

  1. I just love this! I was actually hosting Flannel Friday this week and I added a link to this. I hope that’s ok. (and I’m sorry for the delay in telling you! Yay summer reading…..) If you’d rather I took the link off the post, I totally will. Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.

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