Frog on a Log Felt Rhyme Game

Frog on a Log Game

Kes Gray’s Frog on a Log is a great read-aloud for the storytime crowd. Cat and Frog discuss where animals can sit. Cat insists that each animal can sit only on something that rhymes with its name. Meet a variety of animals including a gopher, a gibbon, a weasel, a puffin, and be prepared for a surprise ending!

I made a Felt Match Game that you can play together as a group, and that you can give to families to take home as an extension activity. Hand out all the animals and see if children can match theirs up to the objects.

Here are the coloring sheets you can hand out to create a Memory Game: Frog on a Log Coloring Cards.

Frog on Log Coloring Sheet

You can create a Felt Match Game by printing this onto t-shirt transfers. I created a mirror-image file. Just iron these onto white felt sheets and cut out to create a match game to use during storytime. Frog on a Log Cards for Tshirt Printing.

Frog on a Log Tshirt Printing

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