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For the past several years I have a done a very successful winter read-aloud program for K-6th graders after school called Books and S’mores. The after school hour slot frees up during the winter months and parents are looking for activities for their children to do. When I found out that Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately, the Milk was out in paperback AND that it was optioned for a film starring Johnny Depp, I had to use it for my next read-aloud! I was also excited to see that Upstart has a cookie line with scratch and sniff bookmarks and cookie book bags that can be purchased here. I put it all together and created the Milk & Cookies Club. Here are the logistics:

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Each child gets a 7 oz. cup filled with Cookie Crisp cereal (it’s peanut-free and fortified) to munch on while I read the story aloud. (They can follow along with their paperback copy if they wish.) Of course, you can fill the cups halfway to stretch your budget further. I pour these ahead of time and put them on the tables.


Once the children are seated and settle in a little, I pass out cups of milk. (I stretch one gallon of 2% into 40 cups each week. My weekly attendance is about 35.) I didn’t want the kids to spill the milk when they are running around, finding a seat next to their friends. The cup of cookies is perfect. The kids take the little things and dunk them in the milk. It takes them the whole 30 minutes to eat the cup! If I gave them a cookie, it would be gone in two seconds and they would be asking for more. The setup time is way less than the s’mores and this is truly a keeper!

The Result:

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Milk & Cookies tables

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