Up, Down & Around

Up Down and Around (7)

For the spring I decided to make a flannel set to go along with Up, Down & Around by Katherine Ayres. I used my die cut machine to cut out 4″ blue circles (to represent the sky) and 4″ tan circles (to represent soil). I used glittery green pipe cleaners to represent the vegetables growing up or out of the earth. I hot glued them onto 4″ white circles for sturdiness.

Up Down and Around (4)
These are the pieces you’ll need for each veggie: 1 4″ circle, 1/4 of a glittery green pipe cleaner, 1/2 tan 4″ circle, 1/2 blue 4″ circle.


Up Down and Around (2)
Use a pen to curl the “around” veggies.

The finished products:

Up Down and Around (8)
Up: Corn, Down: Carrots, Around: Cucumbers Up: Peppers, Down: Potatoes, Around: Pumpkins
Up Down and Around (9)
Up: Broccoli, Down: Beets, Around: Green Beans Up: Okra, Down: Onions, Around: Tomatoes

What better way to learn about the food cycle?!

For more flannel ideas check out Ms. Kelly at the Library. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week!

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