Magic Bag: Spring Edition

Magic Bag Spring Edition

About four years ago I started using a “Magic Bag” with a winter story, All You Need for a Snowman (it was actually my first Flannel Friday post!). Since then, kids have been asking for my magic bag all year ’round. I finally developed a year-round curriculum after years of thinking and creating! I am finally ready to share it, and this is my first out of three seasonal posts. This is the Spring edition.

My black magician’s bag has a secret pocket inside that’s about 6 x 6″. I can hide props or flannels inside of it. I always ask the kids to sing a magic song that we make up on the spot, or I use my go-to song by Carole Peterson called I Can Make a Snowman.

Ahead of time, I know what I will be pulling out of the bag and I choose my story accordingly:

Book Prop
Carrot Soup Carrot
The Carrot Seed Carrot
Waiting for Wings Butterfly
Very Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly
Pie in the Sky Cherry pie
Planting a Rainbow Bouquet of flowers

Here’s a video of me explaining it a little better:


Stay tuned for upcoming Fall and Winter posts! In the meantime, check out the Flannel Friday website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group. This week’s roundup is fittingly held over at Felt Board Magic.


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