Moon Might Be Milk

Moon might be milk

Lisa Shulman’s The Moon Might Be Milk is sadly out of print. But the story can still be used in puppet form if you can’t get your hands on a copy of the book!

You’ll need farm animals (or substitute for what you own):

  • Girl (named Rosie)
  • Cat
  • Hen
  • Butterfly
  • Dog
  • Mouse

Rosie asks each animal what the moon is made of and they each answer:

  • Cat = Milk
  • Hen = Egg
  • Butterfly = Sugar
  • Dog = Butter
  • Mouse = Flour

Rosie asks Grandma and she adds all of the answers to create a sugar cookie! The story can be used to discuss recipes or making predictions. I have an idea for a sequel (The Sun Might Be Cheese) and if I ever get it fleshed out enough I’ll post it. Until then, check out Mel’s Desk this week. She’s hosting Flannel Friday. Find out more about Flannel Friday at our website, see all the past ideas at our Pinterest, and hang out with us on Facebook.

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