Ten Red Apples


For the fall I decided to spruce up my apple themed stories for storytime and outreach. I made a prop to go along with Pat Hutchins’ Ten Red Apples. I placed ornament hooks on small plastic apples and hung them on a plastic shrub in my flowerpot. (I found a bag of 20 apples at the craft store. I used 10 for this story and 10 for 10 Apples Up on Top!) I use this prop to countdown the apples with the children:

Ten Red Apples (1)

I also created lap flannel boards to use this fall. I used my tree-shaped die cut to create green trees, and counted out 10 red pom poms for each child. I placed them in a plastic baggie to go with each lap board. Now, each child can count along with me:

Ten Red Apples (4)

For more storytime ideas, check out Lisa’s Libraryland. She’s hosting this week’s Flannel Friday roundup. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

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