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Every Hero Has a Story Felt Table

Superhero Felt Table (4)
I made red, yellow and blue “backgrounds” on polka dotted felt so it looks like a comic book.

To kickoff the summer reading theme this year, I made a felt table for children to play with during the busy months. I used Storytime Katie’s post a while back as inspiration and then went to the craft store. I haven’t stopped hearing squeals since I put it out!

Superhero Felt Table (6)
5 superhero gals
Superhero Felt Table (7)
5 superhero lads
Superhero Felt Table (3)
Complete with speech bubbles and signals.

Happy summer!

Five Little Princesses

wpid-anna-and-elsa.jpg.jpegI fell in love with the princesses that What is Bridget Reading made a few weeks ago! I made Anna and Elsa templates to add to her works of art! And, after tireless research, I decided to write a Five Little about Princesses to use with this. If you find any more 5 or 10 Little to use with this, please add it in the comments section! Here are the templates: Princess templates

wpid-princesses-5.jpg.jpeg wpid-princesses-6.jpg.jpeg

Five Little Princesses lounging in the tower
One climbed down to pick a flower
Along came a fairy with a special power
And the princess yelled, “I’ll be back in an hour!”

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Five Little Legos

I’ve had a pack of t-shirt transfers kicking around my office for about a year. I decided to use them for a special Lego flannel song I created (along with the double decker couch!):



Five little Legos jumping on the couch

One fell down and he said, “Ouch!”

When I called Lord Business he announced,

“No more Legos jumping on the couch!”


Here is a file (Five Legos) you can print out on the transfer paper. I used white felt and it looks amazing! I’m just trying to get the kids to sing anything besides, “Everything is awesome!” Cross your fingers for me.

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Batman or Penguin

Batman or Penguin

I recently wrote a post about Simon C. Page’s Spider-Man or Green Goblin, and am excited that he has another superhero optical illusion. I wrote a story to tell the children and look forward to them yelling, “No Batman!”

Penguin or Batman

Hey look, it’s the Penguin!
It’s not the Penguin, it’s Batman!

No, I heard him say, “My friends call me Oswald.”
No, he whispered that his friend know him as Bruce Wayne.

I see an umbrella hiding under his coat. It must be Penguin.
That’s Batman’s utility belt!

I hear music, it must be coming from the Iceberg Lounge. It’s Penguin!
No, I hear electronics working hard in Wayne Manor. It’s Batman!

Look, I see a tuxedo, top hat, monocle and white gloves. It’s Penguin!
No, I see a black cape. It’s Batman!

I see his entourage of henchmen. It’s got to be the Penguin.
No, it’s his trusty side-kick, Robin. It’s definitely Batman!

Oh no, he’s getting away in the limo. It’s Penguin.
No, that’s the Batmobile. It’s Batman!

Uh, oh. Where’d he go?

He must have gone to his hiding place in the sewers. It was the Penguin!
No, he must have gone to the secret Batcave. It was Batman!

Coloring page: Batman or Penguin

Stay tuned for Olly Moss’ Wolverine or 2 Batman

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Spider-Man or Green Goblin

Spider-Man or Green Goblin

Spiderman or Green Goblin

Since superheroes are a perennial favorite in storytime, I was so excited when I came across Simon C. Page’s amazing optical illusion! The kids love these kind of stories! I was originally inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! and since then have been writing my own (including Anteater Brachiosaurus, Squirrel Swan, and Wolverine or 2 Batman). I came up with a story for this illusion and a take-home coloring page:

Green Goblin or Spiderman (Begin holding the image upside down and leave it that way throughout the story.)

Goblin or Spiderman

Hey look, it’s the Green Goblin!

No, it’s Spiderman hanging from a building!

Listen, he said his real name is Harry Osborn.
No, I heard him whisper that his real name is Peter Parker!

See that in the corner? That’s Green Goblin’s Glider!
No, I see Spiderman’s web shooters on the table.

Oh, look! I think those are Goblin’s Pumpkin Bombs moving in the corner.
No, that’s just Spidey’s sense going off!

See that, it’s an Oscorp ID. It’s definitely the Green Goblin!
No, that’s a photographer’s ID for the Daily Bugle. It’s Spiderman!

There’s a picture of Liz Allen over there. Everyone knows that’s Green Goblin’s girlfriend.
No, that’s Mary Jane, or M.J. as Spidey likes to call her!

Uh, oh. Where’d he go? (Hide paper behind back)

He must have went to a Gathering of the Five Meeting. It was Green Goblin!
No, he must have met the Avengers. It was Spiderman!

Coloring Page: Spiderman or Green Goblin

Stay tuned for Batman or Penguin…

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You Can Do Anything, Daddy!

You Can Do Anything DaddyI just learned that one of my other favorite superhero stories is no longer in print (blowing nose now). If you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it! (Or, you can watch my video and create your own flannel!) This adventure story is great for many storytime themes: Dads, superheroes, pirates, bedtime. I use it frequently and am asked for it over and over! I do apologize to Michael Rex, though, because there is one page spread that I dislike so much I actually stapled the pages together in my copy and never read it aloud (it features Dad plucking the feathers off of vultures).

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (1)
The various pirates that kidnap “Michael”: pirate, gorilla pirate, robot gorilla pirate and the robot gorilla pirate from Mars.
You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (2)
Daddy fights sharks, snakes, tigers and saves the day with his gold watch.

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (3)

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (4)
You can make a bunch of band aids to pass them out to the children so they can participate in the story.

Here’s my version:

You Can Do Anything Daddy with Bandaid

Here’s a craft (make sure you buy cool band-aids to accompany this craft to make Daddy feel better!): You Can Do Anything, Daddy

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Captain Pajamas

Captain PajamasThis was one of the first “flannel” stories I ever made. I began the journey because I fell in love with Captain Pajamas, but didn’t love all of the parts of the story. I didn’t think Brian’s sister Jessie was a good character, so I changed her to be co-heroes with her brother. I also didn’t like how Jessie called Shadow “stupid” over and over. And, the ending doesn’t work well with all preschool groups (I didn’t want children going home thinking there were aliens in their beds!). So, after careful thought and some paper engineering, I made my first story. I tried to find the dittos I used, but I looked everywhere and I must have left them at my old job. Someday I’ll create this story with felt, but for now it works. Here’s a video of my version of the sadly out-of-print story. I suggest making your own version to use with a superhero or bedtime theme:

Captain Pajamas (2)
Brian in his Batman pjs and pirate bed.
Captain Pajamas (3)
Jessie in her princess cape and Tinkerbell bed.
Captain Pajamas (5)
The three elements you’ll need for the story: refrigerator, bathtub and TV.
Captain Pajamas (1)
Silly Shadow disrupting the evening.
Captain Pajamas (4)
Shadow in Jessie’s bed.

Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft (2) Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft (1)

Here’s a craft to go with the story (copy double-sided): Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft

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Wonder Woman Flannel Board

Wonder Woman Flannel Board

Wonder Woman

Ralph Cosentino’s superhero picture book series is amazing! I’ve used his stories in pre-K and early elementary classes and they’re a hit with all ages! I love them so much, I made flannel sets to accompany the stories (stay tuned for Batman and Superman):

Wonder Woman (2)

Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess is the kind of princess I can read about to children! It features the story of her defeating all the boys to win the contest, her invisible jet, and her cool silver cuffs and golden lasso.

Wonder Woman (1)

This book also taught me about her arch enemies: Ares, Silver Swan, Cheetah, and Circe.

I’m looking for a cool craft to go with this story. So if you have one, please post in the comments section!

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Superman Flannel Board

Superhero Books

Ralph Cosentino’s superhero picture book series is amazing! I’ve used his stories in pre-K and early elementary classes and they’re a hit with all ages! I love them so much, I made flannel sets to accompany the stories (stay tuned for Batman and Wonder Woman):

Superman (2)

Superman: The Story of the Man of Steel boils down the complicated story of Cal-El / Clark Kent so a four-year old can understand it. It talks about his childhood, Krypton and the Daily Planet.

Superman (1)

The kids’ favorite part of the book is when it highlights the villains, including Lex Luthor, Metallo, Brainiac, and Bizarro.

I even made a cool phone booth craft: Superman Phone Booth Craft

  1. Copy both sheets on white paper.
  2. Cut out the second sheet (with Clark/Superman) in the box.
  3. Using a razorblade or scissors, score the vertical lines of the phone booth.
  4. Slide the Clark/Superman sheet behind the phone booth to reveal a superhero switch craft!

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Batman Flannel Board

Superhero Books

Ralph Cosentino’s superhero picture book series is amazing! I’ve used his stories in pre-K and early elementary classes and they’re a hit with all ages! I love them so much, I made flannel sets to accompany the stories (stay tuned for Superman and Wonder Woman):

Batman (2)

Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight simplifies Bruce Wayne’s tale and includes a history of Bruce learning, working out, building the Batmobile and Wayne Manor, and of course his alter-ego.

Batman (1)

My favorite part features the villains: Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and Two-Face.

I paired this up with a craft: Batman Flying on Straw Craft

Batman Craft (3)

Batman Craft (2)

  1. Copy Batman onto white paper (two crafts per page).
  2. Find straws in two different diameters.
  3. Cut the smaller diameter straws into 3 inch lengths.
  4. Cap off one end of the straw with tape so there is no air flow.
  5. Tape the straw piece the back of Batman.
  6. Hand the craft to each child, and one straw in a bigger diameter.
  7. Insert the straw and blow to make Batman fly.

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