Wolverine or 2 Batman

Wolverine or 2 Batman

Olly Moss’ superhero optical illusion of Wolverine or 2 Batman is perfect to share with children as they argue about what they see! I made up a story to go with this illusion. The kids love these stories! I was originally inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! and since then have been writing my own (including Anteater Brachiosaurus and Squirrel Swan). I came up with a story for this illusion and a take-home coloring page:

Wolverine or 2 Batman

Hey look, it’s Batman looking into a mirror.

No, it’s Wolverine looking right at us!

No, listen. He just introduced himself as “Bruce.”

No, I heard him say, “I go by Logan.”

I just say him put on his utility belt. It’s got to be Batman!

No, I heard a snikt! That’s the noise that Wolverine’s claws
make when they come out!

Listen…I just heard the Batmobile start up.

No, that’s a motorcycle that Wolverine likes to ride.

Oh look, it’s Batman’s girlfriend, Catwoman. (Selina Kyle)

No, that’s Jean Grey. Everyone knows that Wolverine is in love with her!

Oh, I think I just saw Robin fly by. You know that’s Batman’s sidekick.

No, that was Jubilee that just did a cartwheel really fast by us.

Listen. Did you hear him say, “I am Batman.”

No, I heard Wolverine say, “I’m the best there is at what I do.”

Oh, no. You scared him. Where did he go?

Batman must have hidden in the Batcave.

No, Wolverine went back to Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning.

Here’s a coloring page: Wolverine or 2 Batman