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13 Nights of Halloween


A few years ago I made a storytelling board for Ten Timid Ghosts and the kids loved the suspense of it. I wanted to do something new, so I found the perfect story: The 13 Nights of Halloween. I bought a black canvas board from the craft store and drew a haunted mansion with 13 windows. I can now either read/sing his book, or sing the lyrics as I draw each curtain. Lots of laughs ensue!

Using Guy Vasilovich’s lyrics, I drew all the ghosts and goblins from the story using metallic Sharpie markers. It really pops!
Here’s a detail of one of the windows. After the drawings were completed I added clear Velcro tabs to hold the “windows” on.
Here is the haunted mansion with all the curtains drawn.

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Tickle Monster

Tickle Monster (3)

I made a flannel story to accompany Tickle Monster after seeing Jbrary use it a while back. (This is part of Flannel Friday’s Halloween Extravaganza!)

I made two monsters: one completely assembled and the other with all the pieces loose to put together. If I storytell, I can use the whole monster to keep on the board and reinforce shapes and matching:Tickle Monster (1)

I also made a puzzle game/activity to play during storytime:

I had my teen volunteers cut out the pieces and place in snack-sized baggies to staple to the board, creating a board game as part of a take-home craft:


Here are pdf files you can download to make your own:

To get more Halloween ideas, check out the Halloween Extravaganza Roundup here. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, thePinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

Shark in the Dark


To celebrate Flannel Friday’s Shark Week I made a sequel to one of my kid’s favorites…Shark in the Dark. Nick Sharratt’s series is out of print and insanely expensive from secondary buyers. So, I decided to make my own story:

I bought a 9 x 12 black canvas board at the craft store. I used felt to create Timothy Pope’s window that he looks out using his telescope.
I used stiffened white glitter felt to cut out the pieces from the book: sailboat, seagull, ice cream, and shark.
With the original Shark in the Park story, the three shapes weren’t enough. The kids kept wanting to guess more, so I made some more up: rhino, star, moon, plane, kite, elephant, and a teddy bear named Corduroy. I always end with Timothy’s teddy, Corduroy, asking Timothy to go bed.
I end the story each time, sneaking the Shark in at the last minute. I hold up the board with the shark and say, “There are no sharks in the dark today.” The kids yell and yell and yell. I shake my head and play it up, until I am startled to see the shark fin. I slowly take the “telescope” away to reveal the shark.

Here’s a video of the original story, Shark in the Park:

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Crunch and a Munch Flannel

Crunch and Munch

I love Emma J. Virjan’s new beginning readers series, Pig in a Wig, that I had to flannelize the latest installment! The new book, What This Story Needs is a Munch and a Crunch, is perfect for summer. Pig in a Wig gathers all the things needed for a picnic. The kids love this silly rhyming series and I can’t wait to use it when my summer session begins!

Crunch and Munch (2)

Crunch and Munch (1)

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Up, Down & Around

Up Down and Around (7)

For the spring I decided to make a flannel set to go along with Up, Down & Around by Katherine Ayres. I used my die cut machine to cut out 4″ blue circles (to represent the sky) and 4″ tan circles (to represent soil). I used glittery green pipe cleaners to represent the vegetables growing up or out of the earth. I hot glued them onto 4″ white circles for sturdiness.

Up Down and Around (4)
These are the pieces you’ll need for each veggie: 1 4″ circle, 1/4 of a glittery green pipe cleaner, 1/2 tan 4″ circle, 1/2 blue 4″ circle.


Up Down and Around (2)
Use a pen to curl the “around” veggies.

The finished products:

Up Down and Around (8)
Up: Corn, Down: Carrots, Around: Cucumbers Up: Peppers, Down: Potatoes, Around: Pumpkins
Up Down and Around (9)
Up: Broccoli, Down: Beets, Around: Green Beans Up: Okra, Down: Onions, Around: Tomatoes

What better way to learn about the food cycle?!

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Frog on a Log Felt Rhyme Game

Frog on a Log Game

Kes Gray’s Frog on a Log is a great read-aloud for the storytime crowd. Cat and Frog discuss where animals can sit. Cat insists that each animal can sit only on something that rhymes with its name. Meet a variety of animals including a gopher, a gibbon, a weasel, a puffin, and be prepared for a surprise ending!

I made a Felt Match Game that you can play together as a group, and that you can give to families to take home as an extension activity. Hand out all the animals and see if children can match theirs up to the objects.

Here are the coloring sheets you can hand out to create a Memory Game: Frog on a Log Coloring Cards.

Frog on Log Coloring Sheet

You can create a Felt Match Game by printing this onto t-shirt transfers. I created a mirror-image file. Just iron these onto white felt sheets and cut out to create a match game to use during storytime. Frog on a Log Cards for Tshirt Printing.

Frog on a Log Tshirt Printing

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Pig in a Wig Flannel

Pig in a Wig (2)I made a felt story to accompany a new beginning reader book and the kids love it! If you don’t know this story, you must acquire a copy. It’s Mo Willems-esque, teaches rhyming and is a hoot! Here is the Pig in a Wig, with a Frog and a Dog and a Goat on a Log, with a Skunk on a Trunk, and a Rat in a Hat, with a Mouse in a House and a Panda in a Blouse in all its glory…

Pig in a Wig (1)

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Today is Monday Felt Story & Song



I love this classic story and song. I use it with all kinds of themes: food, Thanksgiving, animals, family, days of the week. Greg & Steve’s song is a perfect way to extend the story after reading it. I made a flannel board so I can use this in many different ways. I can use it over and over and not get bored! I just found out that Scholastic sells the Big Book format, so I’ll be getting a copy soon!

The animals and food pairings are:

Monday = Porcupine = String Beans

Tuesday = Snake = Spaghetti

Wednesday = Elephant = Soup

Thursday = Cat = Roast Beef

Friday = Pelican = Fresh Fish

Saturday = Fox = Chicken

Sunday = Monkey = Ice Cream

Every Hero Has a Story Felt Table

Superhero Felt Table (4)
I made red, yellow and blue “backgrounds” on polka dotted felt so it looks like a comic book.

To kickoff the summer reading theme this year, I made a felt table for children to play with during the busy months. I used Storytime Katie’s post a while back as inspiration and then went to the craft store. I haven’t stopped hearing squeals since I put it out!

Superhero Felt Table (6)
5 superhero gals
Superhero Felt Table (7)
5 superhero lads
Superhero Felt Table (3)
Complete with speech bubbles and signals.

Happy summer!

Felt Board Table: Cars & Community

Felt Table Road

I’ve spruced up my felt table for the spring and did a car and community theme. (I can’t find my original inspiration, so Rebecca if you post in the comments I’ll update my link!)

I used grey felt and made a black road with white felt paint lines. It came out awesome! Then I found fun ideas on Pinterest and made community buildings, modes of transportation, a car wash, and a gas station (my favorite!)

Felt Table Road and Community

Felt Table Road Block
Road block!


Felt Table Car Wash

Felt Table Gas Station
I hot-glued the end of a show lace to make a “gas pump!” My favorite part of this project!


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