Preschool Dance Party

Parachute Play

After being inspired by a list of bloggers (Jbrary, Catch the Possibilities, Biblipbop, The Show Me Librarian, and Fat Girl Reading to name a few), I decided to have my first Preschool Dance Party! This was my chance to do some different things than the normal storytime stuff. I used songs I don’t get a chance to, too! It was so much fun and required less setup time than traditional programs. Families had a great time and everyone was going home to take a nap after! Of course, I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy. Maybe next time.

I also had the opportunity to play with Power Point and learn something new. I created three self-playing presentations (with the help of my Windows-expert husband) that have the songs embedded. I was able to dance around the room and not worry about changing the slides. I added those files in my playlist below. I will be adding this type of program into my specials repertoire!

Preschool Dance Party Playlist (36 minutes)

Warm Up Song

“Hello, Today Yoga Salutation of the Sun” by Lisa Loeb. Songs for Movin’ & Shakin’.

Movement Songs

“Oh, When” by Wee Sing. Wee Sing and Pretend.

“Peanut Butter and Jelly” by Greg & Steve. Fun and Games.

Songs with Power Points/Projector

“If You’re Wearing Colors” by The Learning Station. Get Funky and Musical Fun: If You’re Wearing Colors

“The Toy Shop at Midnight” by Wee Sing. Wee Sing and Pretend: Toy Shop at Midnight

“If Animals Can Dance” by The Learning Station. La Di Da, La Di Di: If Animals Could Dance.pptx

Musical Instrument Songs

“This Old Man is Rockin’ On” by Don Monopoli. Laugh ‘n Learn Silly Songs.

“Take a Little Nap (The Disco Song)” by Ralph Covert. Ralph’s World.

Slowing Down Songs

“Now Freeze” by Amy Rogell. Balloons.

“The Land of Slow Motion” by Wee Sing. Wee Sing and Pretend.

Circle Song

“Hokey Pokey” by Mother Goose Rocks. Mother Goose Rocks v.3.

Parachute Songs

“Popcorn” by Greg & Steve. We All Live Together v.2.

“Popcorn” by the Barenaked Ladies. Snack Time.

Clean Up /Goodbye Song

“Goodbye Children” by Kathy Reid-Naiman. Tickles and Tunes.

For more storytime ideas, check out Lisa’s Libraryland. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week!