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A Kiss Like This

Kiss Like This

A Kiss Like This is a cute, quick story perfect for Valentine’s Day. Each baby animal kisses their grownup. Easy to use with toddlers and preschoolers.

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Tuck Me In

Tuck Me In

Tuck Zebra

My Toddler storytime is¬†always crowded, especially in the winter time! I’ve been working on “large print” flannels and decided to create a new one for Valentine’s Day. I love Tuck Me In. It’s a cute animal story in which you tuck everyone in for bedtime. I created animals large enough to fill up my flannel board. I made accompanying “blankets” that match each animal’s color. I pass the blankies out before we read the story and as I add each animal to the flannel, I ask the children to come up and tuck them in if they have the matching blanket. Once everyone is seated we blow the animal a kiss. Here are the onces I made to match the book. I drew the animals with black fabric paint, then cut the animals out when they dried. They loved this story so much, I think I’m going to add my own animals!

Tuck Pig
Pig with a muddy blankie.
Tuck Elephant
Ellie with a peanut blankie.
Tuck Alligator
Allie with a swamp blankie.
Tuck Moose
Moose with a forest blankie.
Tuck Hedgehog
Hedgie with a spiky blankie.
Tuck Peacock
Peacock with a feather blankie.

Good night!

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