Batman Flannel Board

Superhero Books

Ralph Cosentino’s superhero picture book series is amazing! I’ve used his stories in pre-K and early elementary classes and they’re a hit with all ages! I love them so much, I made flannel sets to accompany the stories (stay tuned for Superman and Wonder Woman):

Batman (2)

Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight simplifies Bruce Wayne’s tale and includes a history of Bruce learning, working out, building the Batmobile and Wayne Manor, and of course his alter-ego.

Batman (1)

My favorite part features the villains: Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and Two-Face.

I paired this up with a craft: Batman Flying on Straw Craft

Batman Craft (3)

Batman Craft (2)

  1. Copy Batman onto white paper (two crafts per page).
  2. Find straws in two different diameters.
  3. Cut the smaller diameter straws into 3 inch lengths.
  4. Cap off one end of the straw with tape so there is no air flow.
  5. Tape the straw piece the back of Batman.
  6. Hand the craft to each child, and one straw in a bigger diameter.
  7. Insert the straw and blow to make Batman fly.

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