Captain Pajamas

Captain PajamasThis was one of the first “flannel” stories I ever made. I began the journey because I fell in love with Captain Pajamas, but didn’t love all of the parts of the story. I didn’t think Brian’s sister Jessie was a good character, so I changed her to be co-heroes with her brother. I also didn’t like how Jessie called Shadow “stupid” over and over. And, the ending doesn’t work well with all preschool groups (I didn’t want children going home thinking there were aliens in their beds!). So, after careful thought and some paper engineering, I made my first story. I tried to find the dittos I used, but I looked everywhere and I must have left them at my old job. Someday I’ll create this story with felt, but for now it works. Here’s a video of my version of the sadly out-of-print story. I suggest making your own version to use with a superhero or bedtime theme:

Captain Pajamas (2)
Brian in his Batman pjs and pirate bed.
Captain Pajamas (3)
Jessie in her princess cape and Tinkerbell bed.
Captain Pajamas (5)
The three elements you’ll need for the story: refrigerator, bathtub and TV.
Captain Pajamas (1)
Silly Shadow disrupting the evening.
Captain Pajamas (4)
Shadow in Jessie’s bed.

Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft (2) Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft (1)

Here’s a craft to go with the story (copy double-sided): Captain Pajamas Shadow Craft

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