CLA 2014: Year Round Collaboration

Thanks for all who came to our Connecticut Library Association seminar on Year Round Collaboration! If you weren’t able to attend, I’ve attached our presentation below.

Lisa and Joanne

I will be doing more in-depth workshops, check them out:

  • “Get After-Schooled”: May 19 9 a.m.-noon @ Oliver Wolcott Library (Litchfield, CT)
  • “12 Months of Programs”: May 30 9 a.m.-noon: Connecticut State Library Program @ Middletown Library Service Center Meeting Room (Middletown, CT)
  • “Storytime Tools”: Online class beginning July 14 with ALSC (online worldwide!)

Here are additional resources you may find useful to inspire a professional relationship that will be beneficial to your community:

Program Ideas

Professional Ideas

Get Involved and Find Ideas