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Today is Monday Felt Story & Song



I love this classic story and song. I use it with all kinds of themes: food, Thanksgiving, animals, family, days of the week. Greg & Steve’s song is a perfect way to extend the story after reading it. I made a flannel board so I can use this in many different ways. I can use it over and over and not get bored! I just found out that Scholastic sells the Big Book format, so I’ll be getting a copy soon!

The animals and food pairings are:

Monday = Porcupine = String Beans

Tuesday = Snake = Spaghetti

Wednesday = Elephant = Soup

Thursday = Cat = Roast Beef

Friday = Pelican = Fresh Fish

Saturday = Fox = Chicken

Sunday = Monkey = Ice Cream

Mixed-Up Chameleon

Mixed-Up Chameleon

Mixed Up Finished

Eric Carle’s The Mixed-Up Chameleon is a nice book to explore different mediums with. Here are some ideas:

Here’s a Mixed Up Chameleon Lizard you can photocopy for each child.

If you’re working with younger children, you can use this Mixed Up Chameleon Parts as a guide for the different animal parts. If the children are old enough, have them cut out the pieces free hand. You can use tissue paper you’ve already decorated (see the Eric Carle Club).

Mixed tissue paper(You can still see the black lines through the tissue paper to cut out the shapes.)

Mixed Up FinishedTape a piece of tracing paper over the chameleon, then glue the different animal parts on top of that.

Mixed Plates

If you have enough prep time, you can make rubbing plates of the different animal parts and have the children use crayons on tissue paper to create the shapes. You just need cardboard squares and white glue.

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House for Hermit Crab

House for Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab SuppliesI recently acquired glitter paint to play with Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab. I love putting out art supplies and letting the kids explore. You can do the same thing by copying Eric Carle Hermit Crab on legal size paper. If the children are old enough, give them a paper plate to cut a swirly into it to create a shell. If they are too young, prep it ahead of time. You can put out stickers for them to decorate the shell. (I found great ones here.)

Hermit Crab Finished

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Draw Me a Star

Draw Me a Star

I always wanted to explore using aluminum foil in arts and crafts, and have decided to use Eric Carle’s Draw Me a Star to introduce children to it.

Draw Star Folder

I did some prep work for this project. First, I used a manila folder and cut a star template. You can place each sheet of paper in the folder and trace the star outline.

Draw Star Cut

If the children are old enough, you can have them cut out the star. If they are too young, you can cut it out for them (or recruit a teen volunteer).

Cut page sizes of aluminum foil and put out art supplies including paint, brushes, crayons, rubbing plates, tissue paper, and glue. (See past Eric Carle posts for more ideas.)

Draw Star Finished

When finished exploring with the foil, glue to the star.

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Eric Carle Club

Eric Carle Club

After attending the best professional workshop I’ve ever been to at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum, I am inspired to plan an Eric Carle Club for the spring. After introducing the children to Eric Carle, I am going to setup two different kinds of stations: a paint station and a crayon station. You’ll have most of the supplies around already. You can purchase rubbing plates (Lakeshore has great quality ones!), or you can make your own.

Eric Carle Rubbing PlatesCrayon-only table:

  • Rubbing plates
  • crayons
  • sheets of tissue paper

Eric Carle Paint SuppliesPaint-only table:

  • sheets of tissue paper
  • paint palettes/dessert sized plates
  • cotton balls
  • wine corks/coasters (see here for more details: this post was sponsored by Q-Tip so you know, but it’s still really cool!)

Eric Carle Paint FinishedFinished product.

This will be the first in a continuing series. I will use these sheets of tissue paper for the children to use in future programs to create masterpieces. Stay tuned!

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