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I Love My Hat by Douglas Florian


This is one of my new favs–it reminds me of Pete the Cat! The story is so versatile to fit a number of themes: getting dressed, farm, animals, tractors, stories in rhyme, stories you can sing! I had to flannelize it! I made a Farmer Brown complete with all the clothes:


And I made a tractor with all the animals in their rhyming clothes:


This should come with a warning! I can’t get this song out of my head! Now you won’t be able to, either:

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The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming


This is a new-to-me story, even though it’s about ten years old. I just fell in love with it and so have all of my kids. I had to make a flannel to accompany it, so I could use the story in different ways. I made all the pieces featured in the story. This way we can each get a piece and count along as we sing. I also added animals to the story, some can be found in the picture book and others I added that can be found in our own backyards. The children gave me this idea after reading it to one particular class.


If you don’t know this one, I made a video!

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A Kiss Like This

Kiss Like This

A Kiss Like This is a cute, quick story perfect for Valentine’s Day. Each baby animal kisses their grownup. Easy to use with toddlers and preschoolers.

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Olaf’s 1, 2, 3 Flannel Story

Olaf's 123 Book

With the popularity of Frozen, I decided to flannelize the counting story, Olaf’s 1, 2, 3! I plan on using this until the pieces melt. Between my in-house and outreach storytimes, these pieces will travel around the county during the month of January. I used my new die-cut machine for the snowflakes and handmade everything else:

Olaf's 123 Felt
1 carrot nose, 2 arms, 3 buttons
Olaf Sven
4 legs
Olaf 5 6 7
5, 6, 7
Olaf 8 snowflakes
8 snowflakes
Olaf 9 snow angels
9 snow angels
Olaf 10 marshmallows
10 marshmallows

For more storytime ideas, check out What is Bridget Reading? She’s hosting this week’s Flannel Friday. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

Felt Board Table: The “Winter” Collection featuring Frozen

Winter Felt Table

My Felt Board Table is the best independent “program” I’ve ever come up with. It’s more popular than my scavenger hunts! We have families of all ages play with this from opening until closing very little setup time on my part. Since we had our first snowstorm, I am debuting the Winter Collection this week. I made an assortment of themes I will be mixing up each week to keep things fresh. I’m sure we’ll be listening to the Frozen soundtrack with these awesome new pieces! Here they are:

Winter Frozen Felt

Winter Snowman Felt

Winter Frozen Tree Felt

Winter Gingerbread Felt

Winter tree felt

Winter Hanukkah FeltFor more ideas check out the school age programming blog hop, Thrive Thursday. Jbrary is hosting this month’s roundup. For more information check out the schedulePinterest board, and Facebook Group.

Flannel Friday Roundup 10/17/14

FF Blog Button

Here is this week’s Flannel Friday!

Carol has a “Taming the Monsters” storytime packed with monster fingerplays, flannels, and books. I thought I knew all the monster songs, but learned a new one in her blog called “5 Little Monsters Sleeping in My Bed!”

Andrea at Librarian vs. Storytime has a cute tube story about the “5 Little Mice.” The tune is sung to “5 Little Ducks.” Her “trick” ending will delight children and grownups, as well as add a variety to the classic song.

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime has a couple of germ flannels to help talk about hand washing and general hygiene. Maybe it can even be adapted for our adult patrons?! Haha.

Katie at Felt Board Magic is sharing an apple and worm felt game to teach children about size, prepositional phrases, and to expand their vocabulary. So easy to steal!

Nikki at Hey There Library has a fall version of Little Mouse with multi-colored leaves! Perfect for in-house storytimes, as well as perfectly portable for outreach.

Kelly from Ms. Kelly at the Library has a new-to-me version of the 5 Little Pumpkins that ends with a jack-o-lantern surprise!

I’m sharing my flannel/puppet story of Ouch! this week. If you need a story to go with a cute hedgehog puppet, look no further!

I will leave you with Jbrary‘s “Horns and Fangs” song:

To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group. Next week Hannah over at Lovin’ the Library will host!




Ragnhild Scamell’s Ouch is sadly out of print. I acquired a copy to create a flannel/puppet story to use in the fall. I changed a few details to make the story work a little better for the preschool audience. I use my favorite “Hedgie” puppet, as well as a squirrel, pig, frog, and goat. It’s easy to remember, and only took a few minutes to cut out the different felt pieces. Here’s a video so you can learn the story for your kiddies.


To get more storytime ideas, check out Flannel Friday. I’m hosting this week’s roundup! To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

Flannel Friday Placeholder 10/17/14

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Now’s your chance to participate in this week’s Flannel Friday. If you have a submission, leave a link in the comments section. I’ll post a compilation at the end of the week. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

If you need me to host you, email me at lisamshaia at gmail dot com.

Little Goblins Ten


Pamela Jane’s Little Goblins Ten is a perfect addition to any October storytime. The lyrical language reminds me of Ten Timid Ghosts. The Halloween version of “Over in the Meadow” features all the holiday fixings: monster, zombie, wolf, mummy, goblin, skeleton, witch, ghost, bat, dragon. This un-scary counting book will be a crowd pleaser for each child who wants a turn with their own little goblin:


Can you tell Halloween is my favorite holiday?!

For more Halloween storytime ideas, check out Library Village, they’re hosting this week’s Flannel Friday Extravaganza! To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.


Felt Board Table: The Fall Collection




I tested out my felt board table during this year’s summer reading program. It was a huge hit! Children of all ages, and most of their grownups, loved playing with the variety of pieces. So, I decided to create a fall table. I created four leafy trees and two bare tree trunks. I made sets of 10 fruits that grow on trees: red apples, oranges, green pears, and purple plums. I also cut out yellow birch, red maple, orange oak, and brown hickory leaves to add to the bare tree trunks. Children can practice counting and color identification. I’ll also leave out some people and modes of transportation to allow creative play and storytelling.


This time, after getting a little help from my Flannel Friday Friends, I pre-washed the felt to preshrink it and then sprayed it with Scotch Guard. I’ll report back to let you know how it holds up. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it again this time next year.

UPDATE: The Scotch Guard works amazingly! I washed it and it looks brand new. I’ll be able to reuse for sure! I also added Thanksgiving dinner plates with all the fixings by multiple requests:

Thanksgiving Dinner Felt

For more flannel ideas, check out my friend Ms. Kelly at the Library. She’s hosting this week’s blog hop. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

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