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Feathers for Lunch

Feathers for Lunch

Feathers for Lunch (2)I wanted to make Lois Ehlert’s Feathers for Lunch a more interactive story. I used stiffened felt sheets to use as the background for each bird. They measure 9 x 12″ each. I created each bird piecing together different colors of felt to create each masterpiece! I hot glued each bird to the white sheets and used black fabric paint to write each bird’s name. I got paint stick stirrers from the hardware store and hot glued one to each bird so they fly over my cat puppet. I made 12 to accompany the story. As I storytell, I’m going to pass out shakers or bells to the children so they can pretend to be the cat and scare away each bird. Can’t wait to use this one!

Feathers for Lunch (7)

Feathers for Lunch (6)
Feathers for Lunch (1)

I found that masking tape sticks to the felt so I can use a cheat sheet on the back of each one to tell the story:

Feathers for Lunch (5)

I number each piece in case they get out of order (which is inevitable!):

Feathers for Lunch (4)

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Ten Little Caterpillars

Ten Little Caterpillars

Ten Little Caterpillars (2)I always have a Lois Ehlert book in my To Be Made Pile! Her stories are so rich and adaptable to different ages. I wanted to make a Caterpillar-to-Butterfly activity to share with the children after reading the story. I could use these in different ways with different groups of children. I know some of the children will never be able to sit through 10, so I wanted to make them all and mix them up when necessary. I made 10 butterfly shapes that fold in half. I used felt/puffy paint to glue/draw a caterpillar on the front of each, then colored in the accompanying butterfly or moth:

10 CaterpillarsI used the last two pages of her book as a template:

Ten Little Caterpillars (3)
1-5 caterpillars
Ten Little Caterpillars (4)
1-5 butterflies/moths
Ten Little Caterpillars (5)
6-10 caterpillars
Ten Little Caterpillars (1)
6-10 butterflies/moths

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