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Magic Bag: Spring Edition

Magic Bag Spring Edition

About four years ago I started using a “Magic Bag” with a winter story, All You Need for a Snowman (it was actually my first Flannel Friday post!). Since then, kids have been asking for my magic bag all year ’round. I finally developed a year-round curriculum after years of thinking and creating! I am finally ready to share it, and this is my first out of three seasonal posts. This is the Spring edition.

My black magician’s bag has a secret pocket inside that’s about 6 x 6″. I can hide props or flannels inside of it. I always ask the kids to sing a magic song that we make up on the spot, or I use my go-to song by Carole Peterson called I Can Make a Snowman.

Ahead of time, I know what I will be pulling out of the bag and I choose my story accordingly:

Book Prop
Carrot Soup Carrot
The Carrot Seed Carrot
Waiting for Wings Butterfly
Very Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly
Pie in the Sky Cherry pie
Planting a Rainbow Bouquet of flowers

Here’s a video of me explaining it a little better:


Stay tuned for upcoming Fall and Winter posts! In the meantime, check out the Flannel Friday website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group. This week’s roundup is fittingly held over at Felt Board Magic.


Up, Down & Around

Up Down and Around (7)

For the spring I decided to make a flannel set to go along with Up, Down & Around by Katherine Ayres. I used my die cut machine to cut out 4″ blue circles (to represent the sky) and 4″ tan circles (to represent soil). I used glittery green pipe cleaners to represent the vegetables growing up or out of the earth. I hot glued them onto 4″ white circles for sturdiness.

Up Down and Around (4)
These are the pieces you’ll need for each veggie: 1 4″ circle, 1/4 of a glittery green pipe cleaner, 1/2 tan 4″ circle, 1/2 blue 4″ circle.


Up Down and Around (2)
Use a pen to curl the “around” veggies.

The finished products:

Up Down and Around (8)
Up: Corn, Down: Carrots, Around: Cucumbers Up: Peppers, Down: Potatoes, Around: Pumpkins
Up Down and Around (9)
Up: Broccoli, Down: Beets, Around: Green Beans Up: Okra, Down: Onions, Around: Tomatoes

What better way to learn about the food cycle?!

For more flannel ideas check out Ms. Kelly at the Library. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week!

Who Hatches? Spring Scavenger Hunt

Who Hatches

Last year I used Jbrary’s Bunny Scavenger Hunt and it was so much fun! The kids loved it. Lindsey asked me if I was going to one this year, so I had to oblige! I thought I’d do an egg hatch theme, and I re-learned a few things I forgot over the years. Did you know that the ostrich lays the biggest egg, while the hummingbird lays the smallest? I included an array of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals to make this extra fun. I hope you like it!

Here’s a pdf file of the flyer to promote, a ballot for the kids to fill out/color, and 12 eggs to hide around your children’s department: Who Hatches Scavenger Hunt. Enjoy…now I have to wait until spring…

Who Hatches (3)

Who Hatches (2)

Who Hatches (1)

Happy Easter, Pete the Cat!

Happy Easter, Pete the Cat!

Pete the Cat Easter Headband

I’ve instilled a love of Pete the Cat with all of the preschoolers in my tri-town area! They love him sooooo much, they’re singing his favorite song:

I love my white ears, I love my white ears, I love my white ears!

You can add lyrics to go with his white nose, and white tail.

Here’s a pdf to make your own: Bunny headband (Pete the cat extra) In addition to the pdf, you’ll need 3″ strips of construction paper to create the headband part. (If you want to be boring, you can create a Pete-free Bunny headband but what fun it that?!)

Happy Easter!

Preschool Egg Maracas

Preschool Egg Maracas

Egg Maracas (8)If you’re looking for an easy, last minute Easter craft here’s one! I did a special spring program for my preschoolers and they loved it!

I read Press Here by Herve Tullet and had all the children help me press, rub, shake, and clap along with me to make the magic happen. This also was a good springboard for ideas for families to take home and do with their children. Then, we got straight to the craft to leave plenty of time for dancing. You’ll need:

  • Small cups
  • Cheerios (not the best for sound, but non-toxic/no choking hazard)
  • Plastic eggs
  • Duct tape (there are so many cool kinds nowadays!)
  • Electrical tape
  • Spoons (2 per child)
  • Stickers to decorate
  • Scissors (for yourself while setting up)

Egg Maracas (6)


  • Pour the Cheerios in the cups. I made sure to be generous. Of course the little ones are going to have a snack while they’re working!
  • Cut strips of duct tape and electrical tape. Stick them to the wall or edge of the table.
  • Place spoons, eggs, Cheerios, and stickers on each table.
  • Highlight your music collection for checkout!

Directions for families:

1. Add Cheerios to fill egg.
1. Add Cheerios to fill egg. Close egg tightly.
Egg Maracas (4)
2. Place egg between two spoons and wrap handles with duct tape.
3. Place electrical tape over the egg and hold spoons and egg together.
3. Place electrical tape over the egg and hold spoons and egg together.
4. Decorate with stickers and shake away!
4. Decorate with stickers and shake away!

I taped directions all over the room, and gave parents a crash course before we got to work. I played music during the program so as children finished, they could dance around with their new instrument. I always have extra, so some children make extra for their siblings, cousins, or friends who they will be seeing for the holiday.

For more preschool ideas, check out Lisa’s Libraryland. She’s hosting the weekly Flannel Friday roundup this week.

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