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Toy Stories: Toys Series By Emily Jenkins

The Toys series by Emily Jenkins is one of my newer favorite read-alouds for the school age. The short stories follow the adventures of three toys: a buffalo named Lumphy, a plush Stingray, and a ball named Plastic.

Lumphy PuppetStingray Puppet

Here’s a craft to make Lumphy and Stingray puppets so the children can create their own adventures.

For Lumphy:

Brown lunch paper bag

Lumphy (you can copy on brown paper, or have children color)




Cut out the pieces and glue to paper bag.

For Stingray:

blue square dessert plate

goggly eyes

blue craft stick (you can purchase colored sticks, or paint the sticks blue)




Position the paper plate like a diamond.

Glue two goggly eyes in the upper corner.

Glue a craft stick to the bottom corner as the “stingray.”

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Toy Stories: Traction Man Action Figure

Traction Man

The picture book series following Traction Man and his trusty sidekick, Scrubbing Brush, is filled with adventure and rescue missions. Here’s a craft that requires a little prep work, but will be a hit with early elementary aged children.

You’ll Need:

a manila folder

Traction Man (copied on light brown paper)

Traction Man Action Figure (copied on white card stock)

colored pencils



sandwich size baggies



For adult: Cut one Traction Man sheet in half and glue to a manila folder. Cut out the rectangle above the lightning bolt.

For children: Color Traction Man using colored pencils. Cut out the action figure pieces.

Back of Traction Man

Tape the sandwich baggie to the back of the rectangle, leaving the top layer of the closure open so you can open and close the baggie. Traction Man and all of his pieces will fit for storage. (Plus, this craft looks like the action figure box!)

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